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2014 Year End Review

So maybe I should post something in December?

I’m not sure where this month went, but now that it’s almost over I feel I should take a minute to review what I made this year.  I love doing the year end reviews. They give me a sense of accomplishment even when I didn’t actually sew that much. This year sewing was pretty sparse, but I’m pleased with what I did manage to finish.

(My favorite outfit ever!)

2014 Events
Francaise Dinner – March
Millinery Conference at Colonial Williamsburg – March
Costume College – August
1780s Birthday Weekend - October

2014 Costumes
1760s Chocolate Brocade Francaise
Purple Taffeta Ruffled Cape
Aqua Taffeta Ruffled Cape
1790s Williamsburg Print Gown
1790s Blue Spott’d Spencer
1790s Green Bonnet

1780s Divided Rump
1780s Blue Stripe Italian Nightgown
 Assembled Embroidered Lettercase
Started but haven’t finished
GOT Tyrell Handmaiden Gown
1790s Green Sarcenet Gown (possibly embroidered)
Modern Sewing
Blue lawn summer dress from 1970s pattern
Grey dot Zinnia skirt
Woodland Critter PJ pants
My sewing plans for 2015 are pretty loose at this point, but I would like to finish the 1790s sarcenet dress I’m currently working on, as well as tweak the fit on my new 1780s gown and make some accessories to go with it.
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