2015 Plans

I’ve been scheming about my travel and costume plans lately, and 2015 looks like it’s going to be a good year. I don’t have too many costume trips planned this year, but I’ve got some other fun travel to look forward to. My husband and I will be taking a Caribbean vacation this spring for our anniversary and then I (hopefully!) have a trip to England in the works for August.

2015 will include fun things like menswear and cats. Always cats. 

I did buy my ticket for the upcoming Francaise Dinner this weekend and I’m very excited to have my first costume event of the year lined up. I’ve decided not to make anything new but, instead, to wear my chocolate brocade francaise again. I know I wore it three times last year but I don’t care. It’s one of my favorite costumes and I need to get over the idea that every event needs something new. I also have tons of accessories I can pair with it. I have my aqua short cloak if it’s chilly, and if it’s really cold I can wear my cream pelisse, not to mention various muffs, mitts, and gloves I can wear.

As for actual sewing plans, I have some exciting (to me at least) things in the works. I’m hosting my first costume party this June (eep!) and I’m planning a 1795-1800 wardrobe for myself and an evening suit for my husband. Yes! I’m finally tackling menswear and it’s pretty darn exciting! It will also be a lot of work since I will be starting from scratch, but I’m looking forward to the challenge. Currently, I’m working on an embroidered evening gown and have plans to make a new day dress, as well as a morning wrapper and cap. I’d also really like to make a pair of short, transitional stays before I start anything else for myself.

With all the other trips I have planned, I’m not sure I can make it to Costume College this year. It’s disappointing since the theme so perfectly fits with my interests and I’ve already had several amazing literary costume ideas. I haven’t given up hope entirely, but I’m trying to stay realistic. Besides, I can’t really be too sad when I have the thought of a tropical beach vacation and a trip to England ahead of me!
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2014 Year End Review

So maybe I should post something in December?

I’m not sure where this month went, but now that it’s almost over I feel I should take a minute to review what I made this year.  I love doing the year end reviews. They give me a sense of accomplishment even when I didn’t actually sew that much. This year sewing was pretty sparse, but I’m pleased with what I did manage to finish.

(My favorite outfit ever!)

2014 Events
Francaise Dinner – March
Millinery Conference at Colonial Williamsburg – March
Costume College – August
1780s Birthday Weekend - October

2014 Costumes
1760s Chocolate Brocade Francaise
Purple Taffeta Ruffled Cape
Aqua Taffeta Ruffled Cape
1790s Williamsburg Print Gown
1790s Blue Spott’d Spencer
1790s Green Bonnet

1780s Divided Rump
1780s Blue Stripe Italian Nightgown
 Assembled Embroidered Lettercase
Started but haven’t finished
GOT Tyrell Handmaiden Gown
1790s Green Sarcenet Gown (possibly embroidered)
Modern Sewing
Blue lawn summer dress from 1970s pattern
Grey dot Zinnia skirt
Woodland Critter PJ pants
My sewing plans for 2015 are pretty loose at this point, but I would like to finish the 1790s sarcenet dress I’m currently working on, as well as tweak the fit on my new 1780s gown and make some accessories to go with it.
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An Embroidered Letter Case

I have a weakness for historical accessories. From jewelry to reticules, they are often my favorite part of an outfit. One accessory I’ve long wanted to make is an embroidered letter case or wallet. What could be more perfect for carrying things like money or hotel keys at an event? No more loosing things at the bottom of my pocket or purse!

Beautiful and often highly decorative, yet practical, it’s easy to find extant wallets in museum collections and other places online. The plethora and variety still existing suggests these were a popular accessory but you don’t often see them reproduced. I had wanted to make my own for several years, and I even went so far as to embroider the design two years ago, but I was intimidated when it came to constructing the actual wallet. I set the embroidery aside until last month when I decided I had to finish it for Jenny-Rose’s birthday party.

To construct the wallet I cut out a base from poster board, creasing it where the wallet folded. I then glued the embroidered silk satin to the form and mounted the silk taffeta lining to the satin by hand once the glue was dry. The gussets were hemmed then sandwiched between the lining and outer fabric. It closes with two pieces of silk ribbon, wrapped around and tied in a bow.

In the end, it was much easier to construct than I feared and now I have ideas for half a dozen more!  I want to make a slightly smaller wallet next (to more easily fit in my 18th century pockets), with multiple sections and more embroidery. Also, I want to experiment with the inner stiffener. The poster board worked okay, but it’s a little flimsy. I’m thinking maybe buckram or a thin cardboard would be better.

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Catching my breath.

Life is always crazy, but I’ve felt like I haven't had a chance to stop and take a breath the whole month of October. I came home from Jenny-Rose's party and have been desperately trying to catch up with real life. Things are slowing down and I am finally able to share a bit about the party.

The party was amazing, as expected. Really, Jenny-Rose and her family are the ultimate hosts - warm and welcoming, they always go out of their way to make you feel at home. Plus they know how to throw a damn good party! We started the day with breakfast in our 18th century lounge wear. I wore my banyan (with period appropriate sweater underneath) and lace trimmed cap. There was coffee, tea, hot chocolate, mimosas (all of which I sampled) and incredibly delicious chelsea buns (like cinnamon rolls but 100 times more amazing).

Then, we leisurely dressed and help set up for the hunting picnic outside. It was only a picnic in the loosest sense of the word. We ate at a table with real tablecloths, china, and silver, sipped champagne and stuffed ourselves with amazing 18th century food. Not surprisingly, Jenny-Rose and her dad went above and beyond to make sure the vegetarians had plenty to eat. No mean feat in Georgian cooking! After dinner there was outdoor fun with croquet, badminton, and graces for some while others, such as my lazy self, relaxed on the lawn. It was a beautiful day, and warm enough for me to wear my riding habit without the jacket. I had full range of motion in my arms. It was great!

After a bit of clean up, it was time to change for the evening festivities. We ate cake, played cards, chatted and drank more champagne. I wore my new Italian nightgown, and while it needs a few tweaks before its next outing, I’m really pleased with the silhouette. A combination of lack of sleep and a multi-day migraine meant, I wasn’t at my best over the weekend. It took all I had to just stay present during the party. I didn’t have the extra energy to take many pictures, but I still had a wonderful time with such lovely people. I’ll have a better write up of my dress coming soon, but I’ll leave you with my party pictures for now.

An 18th century filled day.
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Accepting Imperfection

With the event less than a week away I’ve finished my new striped dress, including the dreaded sleevils, but the accessories and habit revamp haven’t gone according to plan.

First I cut the cap too large and then I trimmed it down too far and it was too small. So frustrating and such a sad waste of beautiful silk! (Although, I can reuse it for something later.) Then when I attempted to fix the armscythes on my habit, I realized it would require me to recut the entire front of the jacket, and I just don’t have time or inclination for that. I almost started trying to style a new wig for myself, but I know better than to try hair in a frazzled state. It’s my nemesis at the best of times and I would probably destroy the wig if I was on a deadline.

So I’m accepting my imperfections – the wrinkles on my new dress bodice, the T-Rex arms on my riding habit, wearing my old wig, and no new cap. I could spend the next week frantically trying to fix everything and maybe show up with a perfect outfit, or I could just embrace the flaws and arrive relatively stress free. It’s a bit lazy, I know, but I have to remind myself sometime imperfection is ok. There is too much stress and pressure in real life; I don’t need to give myself more. So  I’m going to go to the event, have a great time with friends I see only once or twice a year, and feel like a pretty princess. And that is good enough.

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