A Mid 1790s Habit Skirt

July 22, 2019 - comments
In my previous post, I shared the inspiration for my recent mid 1790s riding habit. Now, in the next few posts, I’m going to break down the outfit from the inside out, starting with the habit skirt. Read more...

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A Mid 1790s Riding Habit

June 14, 2019 - comments
I love riding habits. Even in fashion eras I don’t particularly like (I’m looking at you 1860s), I can usually find a habit I would want to wear. Something about the clean, tailored lines really appeals to me, plus collars and lapels are one of my favorite things to drape and sew. One of my most recent projects was a mid 1790s habit, something I’ve wanted to make for years. I have a lot to share about the construction of this outfit, so I’m going to break it down into multiple posts, starting with the inspiration and finished look.

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