Dressing Up A Straw Hat
Let me just preface by saying hats are not my forte. I don't actually enjoy making them from scratch, so more often than not I just dress up a straw base.

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The Pink Polonaise Jacket - A Few Construction Notes and Pictures
Since I was on a tight deadline when I made this dress, I didnt document much of the process. However, I can share a few pictures and notes on how I made it.

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Put a Cap On It!
I'm going to break down my latest outfit into a couple posts, starting with my first 18th century cap! I know, how can I have been making 18th century stuff for 8 years and never make a cap? Well, until very recently, I thought they were a bit dorky. Then I borrowed a friend's and realized that they could be cute!

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Time Traveling in the English Countryside
Recently, my husband and I were lucky enough to take a two week trip to England and Paris. Even better, I was able to visit my dear friend Megan and we enjoyed a day of dress up at a nearby English country estate, Kedleston Hall, followed by tea and gambling at Megan’s. We were joined by Megan’s mom and a couple of her local friends.

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