Trusting my costuming instincts
I feel I’ve reached a point in my costuming experience where I can safely trust my instincts. I certainly don’t know everything, but I feel like I’ve absorbed enough information that I when I imagine something in my head, I can usually find documentation for it after the fact.

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Chocolate Brocade Details
Before I move on to my next sewing project, I wanted to share a few detail shots and construction notes from my new brocade francaise. As I mentioned earlier, the construction follows the same method I outlined in my Rose Francaise posts.

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Millinery Through Time Highlights
I was thoroughly impressed with my first conference experience at Colonial Williamsburg, last month’s 60th anniversary celebration of the Margaret Hunter Millinery Shop. The presentations were interesting and well-researched, and I came home inspired, my brain buzzing with new information and ideas. Obviously, I can’t share all of the speaker’s hard work on my blog, but I can talk about a few of the program highlights.

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