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Put a Cap On It!

I'm going to break down my latest outfit into a couple posts, starting with my first 18th century cap! I know, how can I have been making 18th century stuff for 8 years and never make a cap? Well, until very recently, I thought they were a bit dorky. Then I borrowed a friend's and realized that they could be cute!

The cap is made from a striped sheer cotton organdy and trimmed with a silk satin ribbon. Since I wasn't striving for 100% accuarcy, most of the cap is machine sewn. I even finished the seams with a zigzag stitch. (Shhhh! Bad!) I did hem the ruffles and the drawstring channel by hand.

I used the Kanniks Korner pattern and I can highly recommend it. There was lots of historical construction information, and the pattern seemed well-designed and professional. I combined the women's head piece with the girls ruffle to get a silly cap to wear with big hair. I also put both the ruffles on the other side of the band to get the look I wanted.

Now I have the cap bug. Up next, I plan to make a hand sewn tiny linen one!

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