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Golden Almond Stays

Look! I’ve actually been productive despite my lack of posts.

I finally finished my new 1780s linen stays. I used the same pattern from Corsets and Crinolines as my last pair, adjusting the fit slightly since the first pair was originally too big. I removed the seam allowances and took in the top of the center front ½ inch. For the first time in my stay-making career, they fit perfectly! I even have the coveted even lacing gap all the way down the back. Either I’m finally getting the hang of making stays, or it was a fluke. Honestly, it was probably a fluke.

The stays are two layers of linen boned with reed, plus a separate linen lining. I picked a lovely golden almond color with cream binding, so the stays would coordinate nicely with my banyan. Because let’s be honest, I’m wearing that banyan every chance I get and I cant have mismatched stays.

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