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Riding Habit Petticoat and New Stays

Did you think I’d forgotten about my riding habit? I promise I haven’t, but lately I’ve been suffering from a severe case of CADD (Costuming ADD), jumping from project to project like a spastic puppy. However, despite my lack of focus, I have managed to finish the petticoat.

Nothing spectacular here, just your basic 18th century petticoat. One thing I did learn, though, is that I will not be hand sewing the entire riding habit like I originally planned. Not only is my hand far too sore for that nonsense, but the wool makes my palms itch like crazy! There is just no escaping the fact that wool and my skin do not get along. So the habit will be sewn on the machine and finished by hand, as usual. 

Technically I could work on the habit shirt next, but before I go any further on this project I want to make a new pair of 1780s stays to fit the jacket and waistcoat over. My current pair are made from a 1770s pattern, which would work, but I really want the rounded bust shape you get from the later stays. So far I’ve scaled up the 1780 pattern from Corsets and Crinolines (which fit me with surprisingly little alterations) and have started the assembly.

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Project Details

Blue-Green Riding Habit
Pink 1780 Stays