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Titanic Dress Construction - Part 2

Next, I thought I would share a little of how I draped the overdress. This part of the project was actually very fun, despite the fact that I normally dont like fitting stages. My new dressform really came in handy!

To drape the overdress I started with a modern kimono-sleeved pattern, lengthening it at the front and under the bust to from the cross over detail. I also added in three pleats at the bust, inspired by the dresses from Cheri. The back also crosses over but only has one pleat per side for ease.

The front and back bodice muslin

Showing the drape of the sleeve
For the skirt of the over dress, I used the pattern I created for my petticoat as a base, simplifying it into two pieces (a shaped front and back) before I shaped the front opening. To shape the curve on the front opening, I played with the pattern on the form until it approximated what I wanted, and then I cleaned up the line with a hip curve. I matched the pleats on the skirt front with the pleats on the bodice fronts, as well as the backs.

The base skirt pattern

The final overskirt pattern


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