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A Whim

Before I had even finished my new 1790s dress, I knew I had to make a little sleeveless spencer or over bodice to go with it. I've been wanting one (or several) for ages and this dress seemed like the perfect thing to wear under it. I had some blue silk velvet in the stash and using the pattern from my dress, I had a new accessory in a little over a day!

The spencer is hand sewn with the exception of the interior lining seams. I flat lined the velvet in cotton lawn to make it easier to work with and then I lined it in white china silk. Originally, I was going to add trim around the neckline and but I really love the simplicity of the velvet to I just added some covered buttons to the front to give it a little interest. I decided to simply pin the front closed because I'm lazy and its period. The only thing, is the lining peeps out a bit around the curve of the neckline so I may go back and try to minimize that later.

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Velvet Sleeveless Spencer