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Cream Pelisse Finished

Have you ever had a project that seemed simple in theory, but fought you every step of the way?


The kind of project that takes so much longer than expected, where you finish one step only to redo it half a dozen times later. Yeah. That was this cloak. I can’t tell you the number of times I pleated and then repleated the body of the cloak. Or the number to times I thought it was finished only to be displeased and rip the whole thing apart. But I made it work in the end. For me, when a project just doesn’t want work, the best thing I can do is to finish it and move on. It may not be perfect in the end, but I really can’t stand to have a lot of unfinished projects on my plate.

The cloak is lined in china silk and interlined with cotton flannel for warmth. I then bound the edges in silk velvet by hand to mimic the fur trimming. I also made a matching velvet muff cover to complete the look. Now I can move on...

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1781 Cream Pelisse