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Costume College 2015 - Saturday

I was tired very tired Saturday morning so I didn’t dress up, saving my energy for the evening's Gala instead.

I wore my blue striped 1780s Italian Nightgown with a cream silk petticoat. For accessories, I wore clear paste bracelets and pink and clear paste earrings (again from Dames a la Mode), and  I added a green silk ribbon at the neckline and matching ribbon and flowers in my wig, like you see in so many portraits from the 1780s.

I’m so happy I finally got to give this dress a proper outing! Last time I wore it, I was feeling under the weather, but this time I got to enjoy the absurdity of my giant rump. The silhouette has to be one of my favorites I’ve ever worn. It’s not perfect; there are bodice wrinkles and the sleeves are slightly too long, etc., but that bum pad is so much fun to wear that none of it matters!  You can’t help but feel self-assured when you walk down the hall, silk billowing behind you. Add a giant wig and you are ready to take on the world. Or dance to “Baby Got Back”. Either is acceptable at the Costume College Gala.

Up next, I lose my mind and hand sew a dress in 5 days…
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