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About My Fluffy Cap...

When I was preping for Costume College, I came to the realization that there was no way my riding habit hat would fit in my suitcase. I certainly didn't want to crush it and wearing it on the plane really isnt something I'm willing to do (for many reasons), so I stole was inspired by Jen Thompson's idea of making one of those fluffy cap/turban things you see so often in the late 18th century to wear with my habit. I went for a simple, undecorated look like these two portraits:

Marquise de Grécourt, née de la Fresnaye by Jean-Laurent Mosnier 1790 Christies

Lady in Light Blue Gown by Jean-Baptiste Soyer, circa 1790 Tansey Collection

This was a very quick, all stash project. Its a 28 inch diameter circle gathered into a band and then I wrapped a strip of fabric around the base, twisting and pinning until I had something I liked. The band is then tacked down because I really didn't want to have to re-wrap it every time I wear it. The cap is one layer of cream cross-barred cotton voile, interlined with cotton organdy for support. Its simple but I really like it.

Thankfully, Jen didn't mind my shameless copying and we took some fun pictures in our cooridinating habits and caps.



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