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Victorian Naturalist Inspiration

As some of you may know, one of my upcoming projects is a Victorian natural historian. This will be my twist on steampunk. No gears here, just lots of neat accessories - antique microscopes and slides, field guides and journals, specimen jars and a magnifying glass.

Again, here are the fabrics I will be using:

Striped cotton voile for the blouse, green wool/linen blend for the skirt, and plaid silk taffeta for the accents.

I have a very specific idea of what I want in my head, but I've also done some general browsing on the internet to see if my ideas are valid. I want this to be as historically accurate as possible.

First we have my main inspiration:

La Mode Illustree 1869 - image saved from an ebay auction.

I'm drawn to its simplicty and practicality. A lightweight blouse with long sleeve to protect from the sun but keep you cool, and a short ruffly skirt - short enough to keep it out of the mud, but still fashionable enough to be respectible. Plus the plaid sash to add a bit of pizzaz. Can't you just see some amateur naturalist taking samples in a meadow while wearing this? Yes, I do let my imagination run away with me. :)

Other images I love:

Victoria 1869


Petersons 1870 - courtesy of Festive Attyre

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