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Costume College 2015 – Friday

Originally I didn’t think I would be able to make it work this year, but my husband surprised me with a last minute trip to Costume College! With less than a week to plan, I had to pull most of my wardrobe from what I already had, but luckily I had plenty of things I was happy to wear again.

On Friday I wore my new 1790s green sarcenet gown. I added my blue spotted spencer for the day, accessorized with an antique pendant, paisley shawl, and my favorite reticule.  The best part of all was that each piece was made or purchased separately, but because I have such predictable tastes it all went perfectly together. Nothing like building a complete wardrobe! Overall, this might be my favorite outfit of the weekend. It felt so natural, like clothing rather than a costume.

For the evening, I dressed it up with a peridot parure from Dames a la Mode and an antique lace shawl. The shawl was a super lucky eBay find. It’s in beautiful condition, and the floral paisley embroidery looks remarkably similar to this shawl and this shawl.

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Green Sarcenet Gown
Navy Figured Spencer