Strawberry Dress

A late 1830s cotton dress based off of a dress in the V&A collections.


Inspiration & Resources

Useful Books & Links Arnold, Janet. Patterns of Fashion: English Women's Dresses and Their Construction, c.1660-1860. New York: Drama Book, 1984.

Hunnisett, Jean. Period Costume for Stage & Screen: Patterns for Women's Dress 1800-1909. Players Press, Inc., 1991.

Johnston, Lucy, Helen Persson, and Richard Davis. Nineteenth Century Fashion in Detail. Victoria & Albert Museum, 2009.

Construction Details


The dress is made from a 1840s reproduction quilting cotton and piped/trimmed with coordinating pink silk.

I used the 1830s bodice patterns on pg. 53 of Period Costume for Stage and Screen as a base, as well as the sleeve patterns from pg. 55 and 57. I eyeballed the sleeve shape by looking at the sleeve in Patterns of Fashion and Hunnisett, adjusting for more fullness at the bottom.

(An early mock up)