Neapolitan Gown

My first attempt at 18th century - a circa 1780s gown made from striped silk taffeta.

Inspiration & Resources

Useful Books & Links Arnold, Janet. Patterns of Fashion: English Women's Dresses and Their Construction, c.1660-1860. New York: Drama Book, 1984.

Bradfield, Nancy. Costume In Detail: Women's Dress 1730-1930. Plays, Inc., 1985.

Construction Details


We all have to start somewhere, right? This was one of my first historical costumes and my first foray into 18th century. I used the pattern from p. 39 of Patterns of Fashion as a base. The gown is striped silk taffetta interlined in silk organza and lined in linen. I assembled it using the machine but finished it by hand. I first wore the dress with a brown linen petticoat, then later trimmed it with cream taffeta and wore it with a matching cream petticoat.

(The bodice during assembly)